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Soft Touch Plus

Nu-Star’s most popular machine, this friction automatic doesn’t leave stripes on the back of vehicles or that dirty “V” at the top of the back window on certain SUV’s. The Soft Touch Plus is the first friction machine to incorporate high pressure rinse into the wash. There have been many variations of this application since that time. Whether you need to knock snow off the vehicle prior to washing or have a desire to deliver a high-pressure rinse that guarantees removal of all chemicals, the Soft Touch Plus offers flexibility to give you and your customers what they want and expect from a world class wash.


  • Hydraulically driven with fingertip adjustment to control all movements
  • Hot Dipped Rust-Free Galvanized Frame
  • Pick-up bed detector
  • Top Brush eliminates Dirty “V” on SUV’s
  • Programmable Super Controller with door control
  • Enter/Stop illuminated sign
  • 4 Panel Instructional Sign
  • Machine Mounted Wax Arch
  • Rear Overlap Feature
  • Nu-Star’s new “Star” soft touch foam brushes, multiple colors to choose from


  • Touch Screen Controller with Remote Access
  • Normal, Medium or High-Pressure Rinse Systems
  • Multi-Colored Foaming System
  • Lava Curtain with LED Back Light
  • Normal, Medium or High-Pressure Undercarriage
  • Medium or High-Pressure Tire/Wheel Rocker Blaster
  • Low Pressure Chemical Applicator for Tires and Wheels
  • Reclaim Ready Option
  • Temperature Door Control
  • Dual Wax Arch
  • Spot Free Rinse Arch
  • Freeze Protection
  • Custom Hydraulic Enclosure Package
  • Bio-Drive Eco Sensitive Hydraulic Fluid
  • Spot Free, Reclaim and Entry Systems

All units come standard with a galvanized tracking system, galvanized guide pipes, treadle and switch.