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Revenue Share/Pay-Per-Wash

Revenue Share/Pay-Per-Wash Programs

Nu-Star, Inc., manufacturer of rollover automatic car wash equipment for over 50 years offers two programs which allow qualified businesses to obtain free car wash equipment, free chemicals and free service and repair. These programs are designed to address retail and non-retail car wash owners who wish to replace old equipment or add new equipment without taking on the large debt associated with a car wash purchase or financing. Choices include the Soft Touch Plus and Touch Free Models

Revenue Share

The REVENUE SHARE program is designed for retail car washes.  Under this program the customer selects the type of car wash best suited for their location. Choices include Soft Touch and Touch Free Models. The unit is installed and set-up by experienced Nu- Star technicians. Chemicals, on-going maintenance and repair of the unit is provided by Nu-Star without any cost to you, the owner/operator. In return, you share a percentage of your sales revenue each month with Nu-Star. The shared percentage is negotiated and agreed to by both parties before the equipment is installed.  Revenue Share contracts are for 7 years. There is a buy-out clause within the contract.

As the owner/operator you are responsible for the car wash bay (building) and everything in it, minus the new equipment. Your other financial responsibility is the electrical and water hook-up to the car wash as well as the ongoing monthly utility bills. All of this is done without capital investment, bank loans, rental agreements, maintenance, repair and chemicals to buy. This is the perfect program for expanding your business without risk and very little money up front.


The PAY-PER-WASH program is designed for non-retail car washes. This program is identical to the REVENUE SHARE plan except instead of sharing revenues with Nu-Star, you pay Nu-Star a flat rate for every car washed by your machine. In addition, every seven years you get a new car wash. The flat rate charged is determined by which automatic car wash you select and the number of washes done per year. Generally, the flat rate will range from $1.99 to $3.99 per wash. All of the terms of the PAY-PER-WASH program are agreed to by both parties before any equipment is installed. The owner/operator is responsible for the car wash bay (building), water and electrical hook-up to the machine as well as ongoing monthly utility bills. This plan is ideal for car dealers, garages, auto auction houses, valet services, auto rental companies, taxi and fleet service companies who wash their vehicles frequently but don’t sell car wash services to the general public.

If either of these programs sound like a good fit for your expanding business, simply contact your local Nu-Star distributor or Dennis Wight at 630.561.2467. Take the initiative this year and add more dollars to your bottom line by teaming up with Nu-Star, the leader in providing quality car wash products for over 50 years.