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For over 50 years, Nu-Star, Inc., has been developing, manufacturing and selling the best car wash equipment available. Whether soft touch or touchless, our roll-over car wash machines provide years of reliable, worry-free service. Innovative features such as galvanized frames and hydro-spinners keep Nu-Star at the pinnacle of the industry and ahead of the competition. In addition, Nu-Star offers “Revenue Share” and “Pay-Per-Wash” programs plus quality refurbished machines to keep up-to-date equipment in your car wash bay without breaking your budget. At Nu-Star, we also pride ourselves on the following facts:

  • Nu-Star car washes are “Made in America”. Many of our competitors now are either foreign made or foreign owned companies.
  • Nu-Star has over 55 factory trained distributors in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • Nu-Star partners with the finest manufacturers in the car wash business, such as Pur-Clean, Unitec and Hamilton.

Check out each of our car wash models and give us a call to develop a partnership which compliments your customer base and adds profit to your bottom line.