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Parts & Service


Replacement parts for any of the Nu-Star car washes are available through your authorized Nu-Star distributor or by calling Nu-Star direct.  Your order will be handled promptly and professionally by either the distributor or Nu-Star employee.   For any questions or concerns, please contact Nu-Star headquarters at 1-800-800-9274 or 952-445-8295.


Credit for replaced warranty parts will be issued only after the parts are returned to Nu-Star by the customer.  If there is a question as to whether or not the part is under warranty, the credit will be issued to the customer only after it has been authorized by Nu-Star Purchasing Department and the Manufacturer.

All Nu-Star warranty part orders will ship from Nu-Star to the distributor via standard ground service at Nu-Star’s expense.  The distributor is responsible for the cost of shipping the defective warranty part(s) back to Nu-Star.  The distributor will be responsible for the cost of any requested shipment method other than standard ground service such as, next day air, 2nd day air, etc.

The distributor must return defective warranty part(s) to Nu-Star within 30 days of the Nu-Star warranty replacement part shipment.  A Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number must accompany the defective warranty part being returned by the distributor.  It is the distributor’s responsibility to inform Nu-Star of each warranty replacement part order.  At the time of the warranty replacement part order, Nu-Star will furnish the distributor a RGA number.  When shipping the defective warranty part(s) back to Nu-Star, the distributor must have the RGA number listed in two locations.

  1. Write the RGA number on a piece of paper and place it inside the box along with the defective warranty part(s).
  2. Write the RGA number on the outside of the box being used to return the defective warranty part(s).

This will ensure Nu-Star’s ability to track, process and credit the distributor’s account for the warranty returned part in a correct and timely manner.

Questions pertaining to the return of warranty parts can be directed to the Parts Department.


Service assistance for car washes, either by telephone or personal service call, will be handled as follows.

  1. Authorized Nu-Star distributor who is current ** on their Nu-Star bill; no charge.  If not current on bill, must provide credit card for assistance.
  2. Original purchaser of car wash who is current ** on their Nu-Star bill; no charge. If not current on bill, must provide credit card for assistance.
  3. Owner / Operator who inherited car wash; charged at current labor rate.  Must present credit card for assistance.

**Current on bill is defined as not over 60 days