Comet II


Comet II/Super Comet Overview


Comet II

If Touch Free is your preference, then the Comet II is your ideal choice.  It offers superior cleaning with advanced high pressure technology powering 28 nozzles mounted on 7 water driven spinners stragically positioned on the machine, consistently rotating to give complete coverage and a great wash.


  • Hydraulically driven wtih figertip adjustment to control all movements
  • Hot Dipped Galvinized Frame for many years of rust free worry
  • Water Driven Spinners for long life
  • Programmable Super Controller with door control
  • 4 Panel Instructional Sign
  • Machine Mounted Wax Arch
  • Machine Mounted Spot Free Arch
  • Machine Mounted Vehicle Sizer


  • Multi-Colored Foaming System
  • High Pressure Undercarriage
  • High Pressure Tire/Wheel Rocker Blaster
  • Low Pressure Chemical Applicator for Tires and Wheels
  • Two Step Presoak Option
  • Reclaim Ready Option
  • Temperature Door Control
  • Dual Product Wax Arch
  • Back Up Slowly Sign Kit
  • Freeze Protection
  • Bio-Drive Eco Sensitive Hydraulic Fluid
  • Spot Free, Reclaim and Entry Systems

All units come standard with galvinized tracking system, galvinized guide pipes, treadle and switch.