tri star

Soft Touch Plus Overview



The most cost effective friction machine in the industry today.  The Tri-Star is our newest creation that offers all the features of our Soft Touch Plus series in a 3 brush unit, making it an easy and affordable buying decision.


  • Hydraulically driven wtih figertip adjustment to control all movements
  • Hot Dipped Galvinized Frame for many years of rust free worry
  • Pick-up bed detector
  • Top Brush eliminates dirty "V" on SUV's
  • Programmable Super Controller with door control
  • Enter/Stop illuminated sign
  • 4 Panel Instructional Sign
  • Machine Mounted Wax Arch
  • Rear Overlap Feature
  • NuStar's new "Star" soft touch foam brushes, multiple colors to choose from


  • Normal, Medium or High Pressure Rinse Systems
  • Multi-Colored Foaming System
  • Normal, Medium or High Pressure Undercarriage
  • Medium or High Pressure Tire/Wheel Rocker Blaster
  • Low Pressure Chemical Applicator for Tires and Wheels
  • Reclaim Ready Option
  • Temperature Door Control
  • Dual Wax Arch
  • Back Up Slowly Sign Kit
  • Spot Free Rinse Arch
  • Freeze Protection
  • Custom Hydraulic Enclosure Package
  • Bio-Drive Eco Sensitive Hydraulic Fluid
  • Spot Free, Reclaim and Entry Systems

All units come standard with galvinized tracking system, galvinized guide pipes, treadle and switch.